Aadhaar XML refers to the Extensible Markup Language (XML) representation of the Aadhaar card, which is a unique identification number issued to residents of India.


The Aadhaar XML file contains demographic and biometric information of an individual, and it is digitally signed by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).


The XML format is a standard for representing structured data, and in the context of Aadhaar, it provides a machine-readable format for the information associated with the unique identification number.

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The use of Aadhaar XML in business can have several applications, especially in sectors where identity verification and customer authentication are crucial. Here are some ways in which Aadhaar XML can be helpful in business:

Customer Onboarding and KYC (Know Your Customer):

Businesses can use Aadhaar XML for streamlined customer onboarding processes.

It facilitates efficient KYC procedures by providing accurate and authenticated demographic and biometric data.

  • Authentication and Authorization

  • Financial Services

  • Telecommunications and Utility Services

  • Employee Verification

  • Government Services and Subsidies

  • Healthcare Services

  • Aadhaar-Based Transactions:

  • Customer Verification:

  • Accuracy and Reliability

    Aadhaar XML provides accurate and reliable information as it is digitally signed by UIDAI, reducing the risk of false or forged data.

  • Efficiency in Processes

    Integration of Aadhaar XML in business processes can streamline customer onboarding, authentication, and other related procedures, making them more efficient.

  • Enhanced Security

    Aadhaar-based authentication adds an extra layer of security, reducing the chances of identity fraud and unauthorized access.

  • Compliance with Regulations

    Businesses can ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, especially in sectors where KYC is mandatory.

  • Cost Savings

    Streamlining processes and reducing manual efforts in customer verification can lead to cost savings for businesses.

It’s important to note that the use of Aadhaar data in businesses must comply with privacy and data protection regulations. Businesses should adhere to the guidelines provided by UIDAI and other relevant authorities to ensure ethical and legal use of Aadhaar information.



Beware of fraudulent SMS & calls about KYC suspension or expiration, account block and fake rewards  will never ask you to download any app to complete your KYC .

Majority of UPI payments get successful instantly and money is added to the receiver’s bank account at the moment itself. However, in rare circumstances which are beyond our control, like not receiving a success message from NPCI or receiver bank within a stipulated time, transactions go into pending state.

The issue will be resolved within 3 business days (usually within hours) from the date of payment initiation. The money will be transferred to your bank account during this period. Please check your bank statement to verify the same.

If you suspect fraud or want to issue instructions to stop payment, or want to report any fraudulent transactions in your account, we suggest the following:

  1. Please get in touch with your respective bank for immediate support and guidance. Banks have 24 x 7 support and you will be able to report a fraudulent transaction even during non-working hours.  
  2. We suggest you reach out to the cyber crime police department in your local jurisdiction.
  3. Please use this form to report it to us. Your request will be evaluated against our policies and we will review and take action as appropriate.

Please note that a UPI PIN is required to be entered on the App to send money and not to receive money. Fraudsters may initiate a request making you believe that you will receive money by entering your PIN. Please be careful and ignore/reject such requests. 

At Pay, we consider it our highest responsibility to safeguard your hard-earned money and protect you from payment frauds.

We use the best of  Artificial Intelligence and fraud prevention technology to identify suspicious transactions in real-time. We also actively work with the rest of the industry to build technologies that keep you safe.

However, sometimes scammers can ask you to take some deliberate actions that may lead you to lose money to them. That is why it is important for you to know about the dos and don’t if you happen to be in such a situation.